Week 3: Preparations for Class

Please be sure to print out a copy of the Roland Barthes essay “Toys” and bring it to class with you. We will be using it for some in-class activities.


Week 2: Additional Readings & Assignments


Video: TED Talk: Eli Pariser, “Beware online “filter bubbles””

Writing Prompt:  What questions does Pariser address, explicitly or implicitly? Who is his intended audience? What reasons and evidence does Pariser give to support his argument? Summarize his talk and paraphrase at least two key examples used by Pariser.

Week 1: Additional Readings and Assignment


Additional Readings:

“Toys” by Roland Barthes  (From: Mythologies by Roland Barthes, translated by Annette Lavers, Hill and Wang, New York, 1984)

Begin looking over the three essay options:

Shelby Steele’s “The New Sovereignty” (450 FYW)

John Dewey’s “My Pedagogical Creed” (460 FYW)

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “The American Scholar” (468 FYW)


Additional Assignment:

Brief Reading Response (300 words) to “Toys” by Roland Barthes. Use the following prompt to get you thinking.

Prompt: What is Barthes’s main argument in this essay? Give a few examples of how he supports that claim.

Welcome to English 1301!


It would serve you well to check this blog a couple times a week for additional information and assignments. Please remember that this is a three credit class, so there will be extensive work done outside of class meetings. 

Regular course readings and assignments can be found on the Raider Writer website and the additional required readings and assignments can be found here on this blog. All assignments and readings posted here will be mentioned in class and will be due at the subsequent class meeting.

Course policies are outlined in your First-Year Writing textbook with additional policies outlined here.

Please always come to class prepared and ready to learn. Let’s have a great semester!