Raider Writer Assignments:

BA3: Identifying Rhetorical Choices (due 9/19/14 for Section 002; due 9/22/14 for Section 038)

Readings: First-Year Writing Ch. 4 pp. 67-97; St. Martin’s Handbook: Chapter 7, “Reading Critically” “Reading and Writing about Text” (available in the final part of the handbook, “WID/Critical Reading Skills”); Audio Lesson

Additional Reading: “Maid to Order: The Politics of Other Women’s Work” by Barbara Ehrenreich (FYW, pp. 330 – 335)

Additional Assignment: Via e-mail, discuss with your color groups (color from your index card) the 3 questions in the “Looking at Rhetoric” section on page 335. When you do this, you need to copy me (sarah.sprouse@ttu.edu) on all emails in the chain and you need to each send at least two emails to contribute to the discussion. All emails must be sent before the date of next class (Monday, 9/22 for 002 and Wednesday, 9/24 for 038).