Welcome to English 1301!


It would serve you well to check this blog a couple times a week for additional information and assignments. Please remember that this is a three credit class, so there will be extensive work done outside of class meetings. 

Regular course readings and assignments can be found on the Raider Writer website and the additional required readings and assignments can be found here on this blog. All assignments and readings posted here will be mentioned in class and will be due at the subsequent class meeting.

Course policies are outlined in your First-Year Writing textbook with additional policies outlined here.

Please always come to class prepared and ready to learn. Let’s have a great semester!


Week 12 Assignments



BA8 – Revising the Introduction

Reading 12

Additional Assignment:

Go through the feedback you have received in class and on RaiderWriter. In your Microsoft Word document, use the comments feature to insert the comments on the draft. Save a version of this and print for next class. Then start working on revisions with ‘Track Changes’ feature. Print out a copy of this newer draft and also bring to class.

Week 11 Assignments



BA7 (due 11/7/14 for Section 002; due 11/10/14 for Section 038)

Reading 12

Additional Assignment:

Prepare a brief (3 minutes) presentation of your rhetorical analysis. Tell us: which essay you’re working with, your thesis, examples of rhetorical choices.

Write a brief paper (1 page) explaining what is in your presentation and why you’ve chosen what you’re presenting.

Bring your current working draft to next class.

Week 9 Assignments



Draft 1.1 DUE! (10/24/14 for Section 002; 10/27/14 for Section 038)

Reading 10

Additional Assignments:

Read the Global Revisions Handout; Write a brief response analyzing the effectiveness of the peer reviewers’ comments on the drafts.

FOR NEXT CLASS: Bring Global Revisions Handout, Written Response, AND your Draft 1.1!

Week 8 Assignments


BA6: Remember to use the “Winning Hearts and Minds” draft; due 10/17/14 for Section 002, due 10/20/14 for Section 038

Reading 9

Additional Assignments:

Revise your rhetorical analysis draft based on both the peer reviews you received in class and your readings for week 9. Continue to expand your analysis. Be sure to bring the new draft to class.

With your Color Groups, prepare a brief (3-5 min.) PowerPoint outlining Audience, Purpose, and Rhetorical Choices for one of the three essays (Steele, Dewey, Emerson). Be sure to come to class prepared with the powerpoint either on a flash drive or emailed to me in advance.

**NOTE: If you e-mailed a full rhetorical analysis draft to me for extra credit, I will try to get the drafts back with commentary before the end of the weekend. If you get your draft back early enough, I expect you to include that feedback in your revisions for next class.


Week 7 Assignments



BA5 (due 10/10/14 for Section 002, due 10/13/14 for Section 038)

Reading 8


Additional Assignment: Using the Steele, Dewey, or Emerson essay, prepare an initial working draft of a rhetorical analysis. Include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, an identification audience and purpose, and then paragraphs addressing rhetorical choices. You will need to back up these identifications with evidence from the text in the form of paraphrases and quotations. Remember, if you use any sources that you found through Google (e.g. Wikipedia), you need to cite that information.

Week 6: Assignments



1. Reading #7

2. BA4 (due Friday, 10/3/14 for Section 002; due Monday, 10/6/14 for Section 038)

Additional Readings & Assignments:

1. Read “Why Amazon Can’t Make a Kindle in the USA” by Steve Denning (FYW 383-387).

2. Using the information about Attributive Tags (FYW pp. 134-136), put together two quotations that facilitate answering Question #1 in the “Looking at Rhetoric” section p. 387. For each quotation, write a couple sentences that explain why you chose those quotations.

Week 4: Additional Readings & Assignments


Raider Writer Assignments:

BA3: Identifying Rhetorical Choices (due 9/19/14 for Section 002; due 9/22/14 for Section 038)

Readings: First-Year Writing Ch. 4 pp. 67-97; St. Martin’s Handbook: Chapter 7, “Reading Critically” “Reading and Writing about Text” (available in the final part of the handbook, “WID/Critical Reading Skills”); Audio Lesson

Additional Reading: “Maid to Order: The Politics of Other Women’s Work” by Barbara Ehrenreich (FYW, pp. 330 – 335)

Additional Assignment: Via e-mail, discuss with your color groups (color from your index card) the 3 questions in the “Looking at Rhetoric” section on page 335. When you do this, you need to copy me (sarah.sprouse@ttu.edu) on all emails in the chain and you need to each send at least two emails to contribute to the discussion. All emails must be sent before the date of next class (Monday, 9/22 for 002 and Wednesday, 9/24 for 038).